Youth Participation

Children and teenagers are welcome at all our events, but for safety reasons, they can’t participate in every activity. If you’re not sure, feel free to ask the organiser whether children are welcome – you might be surprised!


Our Child Safety Policy requires that minors be supervised regardless of age, but it is generally understood that levels of supervision may vary depending on the age of the child or teenager. All under-18s must be accompanied to events by a caregiver, whether that is their legal guardian, or someone their legal guardian has nominated to look after them.

Combat Skills

Youth participation in combat activities varies depending on age group.

Target Archery:  Under-12s must be supervised at all times by their caregiver, who may not be actively participating at the same time. Over-12s must have a caregiver present, but do not need individual supervision.

Rapier:  From age 14, teenagers can authorise as rapier combatants, and 10-13 year olds can participate in youth fencing.

Armoured Combat: Many children growing up in the SCA enjoy using ‘boffer’ weapons (made of foam) to imitate armoured combat. From age 14, teenagers can begin training with standard weapons, and they can be authorised to participate in adult combat from age 16. With parental permission and appropriate safety equipment, teenagers aged fourteen and up can participate in War scenarios as non-combatants (e.g. banner-bearers, drummers).