Burnfield Yule 2022

The 2022 Yule has been done and dusted and what an event it was! With a huge Canton and visitor turnout and garb that was above and beyond expectations this year’s yule was a yule to remember.

The feasting was varied and plentiful and the games were enjoyed by all.

The night started with welcome photos around the Yule tree and much banter and laughter then moved on to the feasting and gaming.

The table war was especially hotly contested with young Mael Coluim (Malcolm Keightley) and Amy de Keightley (Amy Keightley) displaying keen competitiveness (the bounty of chocolate coins was at stake)

Via Sagitarii 2

Via Sagittarii is Burnfield’s yearly archery and crossbow event.

The first day consisted of the inter kingdom archery competition (IKAC) in longbow and crossbow.  Competitors all over the kingdom shoot at IKAC events and send results into the Kingdom throughout the year. A winner is announced at the end of the year allowing our members, no matter how distant, to compete directly with each other.
Day two was a magnificent 16 target hunt.  These are especially fun because you get to walk thru the fields and shoot at 3D targets in a variety of positions.  We had bunnies in the grass, cats (sorry), birds in trees, boar in bushes, ducks in a pond and finally a dragon on a hay bale.
The archery marshals Mistress AElfgifu of Burnfield and Master Wulfric Greycloak set the courses on both days and supervised all the shoots.  We thank them for their commitment to making the event so much fun.
In the SCA not everyone has an interest in archery.  Some enjoy artistic pursuits and others enjoy the culinary arts.  Lucky for Burnfield, Stephanos Maniakes Pogonatos is a keen cook and produced a Byzantine menu for us to enjoy.  He took recipes from which is a collection of medieval recipes converted for the modern cook.  Needless to say, we ate like Royalty and not a scrap was left by home time on Sunday afternoon.
Arts and Sciences always plays a part at our events and this year we made little metal candle snuffers
At the end of our event prizes were awarded.  Often our prizes are hand made by a member of the group.  This year Bruce Curran made some lovely pouches with embroidery and goldwork.  They turned out beautifully and were appreciated by all those who won on the weekend.

Burnfield No.1 attraction at the Bundaberg Show for second year running.

Every year Burnfield attends the Bundaberg show. We build an encampment and list field and live a few days as a medieval village.
This year it was a bit wet and afforded us a very authentic soggy experience. Not to be discouraged we entertained the populace and
demonstrated our individual interests within the SCA world.
Over time some of our members have found their niche and take great pleasure in learning and passing on the knowledge. This event
is a great example of how we can reach out to interested members of the public.
Look for this event/demonstration next year and mark it in your calendar.

Burnfield Banner sent on pilgrimage. 

The Burnfield banner is leaving on a pilgrimage to southern reaches.

Hopefully this will spread the word of the northern most Canton of Lochac.

The Banner was created by Lady Rose of Northgate (Anna)









Burnfield’s 20th Birthday Bash.

In celebration of the Canton of Burnfield’s 20th year, members came together at the Hervey Bay Botanical Gardens to show off their latest garb, fight, learn and of course feast. A scavenger hunt was held in the gardens and was really well received. The winning team won the Black Knight trophy and have bragging rights until we meet again next year.