The Canton of Burnfield – Living Document

Below is the living document for The Canton of Burnfield. This document will be updated on an as required basis by the webminster via direction from the Burnfield Senechal.

This document is correct as at this 20th day of June 2022.

Everyone is reminded that the Kingdom has a strict no-pay, no-play rule


  1. Officer monthly reports:
    1. The Seneschal report to the Baronial Seneschal by the Canton meeting date.
    2. All other officer reports to the Canton Seneschal and to their respective Baronial Officer by the Canton meeting date – minus 24hrs
  2. Officer quarterly reporting dates:
    1. Seneschal: by the last day of January, April, July and October
    2. Reeve: by the 15th day of January, April, July and October
      1. January report is the Domesday Report
    3. Other Officers: by the 15th day of January, April, July and October
  3. All officers are reminded that their reports must be sent to:
    1. Their upline officer
    2. The Canton Seneschal
The First Responsibility of an Officer in Lochac
  1. Your first responsibility is to be responsive. That includes to those contacting you for support and advice, those seeking reports and information, and those who have just
    reported to you, sent in a job application, or offered commentary on an applicant. All deserve a timely and meaningful response.
    Where email is concerned, aim for 48-72 hours maximum for at least a placeholder response. And then remember to follow up if a better response is required!
    At this time in Lochac, responsiveness to email is essential and will remain essential for the foreseeable future. This is true even if you do most of your regular
    communications via other channels. Therefore, to maintain the target set above, you must be checking your “office” email account at least every couple of working days.
  1. The Reeve is authorised by the Burnfield committee to pay the following payments from the Burnfield bank account as required:
    1. The Canton Hall Rent
    2. Kingdom taxes
    3. Non member fees owed to Kingdom, and
    4. GST owed to Kingdom
  2. All other payments must be authorised and approved by the Burnfield committee on an as required basis.
Christmas Function
  1. In recognition of members attendance and ongoing commitment and work for the Canton of Burnfield, the Canton will hold a xmas fuction each year at a date to be decided each year.
    1. This xmas function will be themed and include food and drink (not Alcoholic) at a minimal cost to the current active members of the Canton of Burnfield.
    2. The function will be open to members of the SCA generally (not Burnfield) at a cost to be decided by the commitee.
    3. The function will be open to non-members a cost to be decided by the committee.
    4. The current Baron and Baroness of River haven will be invited at no cost.
  1. All events held at members’ homes/land are eligible for reimbursement of food and drink cost (not alcoholic). The reimbursement is to be no greater than $5.00 per member attending the event. These funds are to be reimbursed after submission of receipt to Reeve.
  2. All events are to have a cut-off date for bookings of 14 days prior to the event to allow members to finalise equipment and food requirements.
  3. All bookings are to be reviewed by the Reeve and Steward 21 days prior to event and any unpaid bookings are to be notified by email requesting payment or cancellation
  4. No dogs at any Burnfield event/functions (except service dogs) as per Canton policy approved by Kingdom.
  5. Standardised tassels for Burnfiled events/functions:
    1. Green banding will be for games
    2. Red banding for marshallete (fighting)
    3. Blue banding for A&S
    4. White for special
  1. Regular A&S combined with training at Gin Gin Historical Village, currently held on Tuesdays
  2. Regular collegiate training at a location as nominated, currently held on the first Sunday of each month
  3. Regular combat training at a location as nominated, currently held on the second Sunday of each month
  4. Regular archery training at a location as nominated, currently held on the third Sunday of each month
  5. Cost to attend for members is $5.00 or $10.00 per family, one fee is payable per week for either night or both.
  6. An additional $10 insurance fee is payable by non-members at each session they attend.
  1. SCA Burnfield is our public face, anybody can join. Please be mindful that this is a public forum and keep all post to SCA related topics wherever possible.
  2. Burnfield meeting page – only active members of the Canton and some other Baronial/Kingdom officers have access to this page.