Target/Combat Archery

If you’d like to have a go at shooting a bow, contact our Captains of Archers, The Honourable Lord Wulfric Greycloak (Ron), who can be contacted at or, or come along to our regular practice – we’ve always got extra equipment for beginners to try!

Combat Archery

In addition to target archery, we also allow combat archers to join armoured fighters on the War Field. It’s like paintball, medieval-style! We use ‘blunts’ (arrows with flat rubber tips), low-poundage bows, and light armour to reduce chances of injury. Unlike target archers, all combat archers must be authorised as safe combatants before they take the field. 

Regular Training

When: The third Sunday of each month

Where: Contact The Honourable Lord Wulfric Greycloak (Ron), at for details

What to bring:
Water bottle, sunscreen, good shoes, bow and arrows if you have them, if not, we have loaner equipment.

Cost: $5 per member, additional $5 per non-member to cover insurance. (These costs are only charged once per week, i.e. at the Wednesday night meeting or here at the fighter training)