Burnfield Events Calendar

This is the official calendar of the Canton of Burnfield, an SCA branch local to Queensland, Australia. Our parent group is the Barony of River Haven based in Brisbane, and we are part of the Kingdom of Lochac (Australia). Burnfield and the SCA have many fun and informative events and training activities for you to attend.

To see the full Burnfield calendar click the link. We hope to see you at one soon.

Note: If the details of an event are too long (you can’t see the “more details” link at the bottom), click on the ‘Agenda’ tab at the top right of the calendar and scroll to find the event. All details should be visible when you click on an event in Agenda view. OR for a quick look you can also use the views below. Hover your mouse over an active date (one that is not faded) and a details box will appear. At the bottom of these details boxes you will often see a “more details” link. Clicking this will open another window with all details which have been added to the calendar for that event. This often includes things such as links to maps.