Beef, Beer, Blood and Sand 2017

Hi all. Beef, Beer, Blood and Sand will be held in Yeppoon on Saturday 8th of April. Bookings enquiries can be made through

This year is much more low key than last, and will not be in the public eye. This will allow us to make plans for next year’s public spectacle as a group.

Booking prices for adults, including Saturday night accommodation in air conditioned cabins, starts at $50. Friday night accommodation at the venue is available, but may incur an additional fee. Camping is available at the same price. Discounts for under 12’s, under 5’s free. Day rates also available.

Several tournaments are to be held throughout the day. A&S on demand, we’re open for submissions.

Proper Steaks for dinner (not the ones we got last year!), lunch, two breakfasts and afternoon/morning tea included. I’ll also have my own beers ON TAP.

Please let us know if you can make it, we’d love see you all up here!